My name is Michael Schafer, I have years of marketing experience. My experience is with event companies, clothing companies, blogs, and promotion companies. I have also helped many companies develop their marketing strategy, which is what I would like to do with you. There are so many businesses utilizing different marketing strategies every day. Most businesses that I have came across do not have a set marketing plan. They will just get on whenever they have time, throw a post around here and there. Which will still work, to an extent. With my help I will help you craft your perfect marketing strategy.

I have seen so many businesses that are fairly large, but they do not know how to implement a good strategy. The change in results, even over night with your marketing strategy can be huge. I love working with people and I have fun going over their marketing goals, and coming up with a more simplified and effective plan. My goal is to help you set up your perfect marketing plan with little effort. I help simplify your plan so you do not need to be on social media for hours a day, or even everyday.

Working with me will be a time you will remember. I like to make marketing fun, and something you will look forward to doing. I like to create your brand so it stands out to your customers and gives them a good feeling when they come across your business.

I will help your startup business implement a new marketing strategy, or I will help save and replenish your existing marketing strategy. From new to old businesses, I love working with you and developing a custom marketing plan for your business. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.